The Cake

DSC_0291_3 - Version 2

Cake Shop Media is a culmination of personal passions; the first being media. I have been in the industry for some time (see LinkedIn) and part of what makes my job unique is the ever-changing landscape. There is always something new or different, especially in the digital realm and those trying to compete with it. When venturing out, it was important to find a niche and explore options of what I could do for others. If you read my posts, you know Kula Yoga is one of my earlier clients. Creatively fulfilling assignments for the young studio involves applying past learning in new and different ways. It is exciting and gratifying to be a part of something that impacts so many.

As with each media assignment, baking is always a learning experience. Each time I try a new recipe, play with ingredient amounts or meet up with an oldie, but goody recipe that I have previously tried, it teaches me something. The cake in this photo was an experiment. I had baked the chocolate cake recipe on many occasions before, along with making the raspberry buttercream filling several previous times. However, I hadn’t made someone’s wedding cake prior to this, so the heat was on – literally.  I started by taking it step by step; the same approach as planning: understanding the lay of the land, knowing the objective and developing the strategy. Then came the tactics: fondant, icing and tools. At that point, it all came together in a well-loved design. Hence, the name Cake Shop Media.

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