Trying Something New

Tie dye birthday cake

A new version of something delicious

This past week presented the opportunity to test a new cake, or rather, a variation of a time-tested recipe. When doing this for a party, and no time to bake a test cake, it can be a bit foreboding. The analogy of this and entering the marketplace with an untested opportunity strike similar a resemblance. You prepare yourself for what if scenarios, along with the possibility of failure. However, the reward can be quite great. Success can stem from many of the smaller opportunities baked within the larger one. For instance with a cake, you could be successful with the layers of cake itself, or possibly an amazing frosting. It is the combination of total package that make it a delight for the palate. With a media buy, you may have fantastic placement, but the messaging could be off strategy. When everything is in sync, that is when the reward truly comes to fruition. This takes much collaboration across many disciplines, along with learning from prior experiences (yours or others).

All media seen today have needed a pioneer – someone willing to take a gamble on greatness. Harkening back to when soap advertisers started sponsoring television shows to today’s product integrations, evolution of brand presence continues to change. Although the face of this changes in order to be current, the essence of presence remains. Certain principles – such as testing, learning, evolving – allow for this transformation to bring us more unique and flavorful experiences. Beyond media, this is seen with products. Many brands today that are now popular had previously risen to popularity, were replaced by others, but have now successfully returned again. This includes everything from tennis shoes to computers. Those that are successful have a modern makeover, making what was old, new again.

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