Hooping in the tent circle

I purchased tickets months ago and waited with anticipation to attend Wanderlust in Squaw Valley, California. The trip did not disappoint. I joined classes taught by Baron Baptiste and Seane Corn (my favorite!), hiked the amazing mountainside up to high camp – the site of the 1960 Olympics – and heard great music. Some classes were voiced over only by instructors and others featured live music or djs. Throughout the ski camp area, there were tents filled with brands. Everything from yoga clothes and Luna bars to GAP offering make-your-own tees (love mine, by the way.)

The vendor stops included an expansive tent that featured cars. Although I have been somewhat in the market for a new car, time is limited and I really haven’t had a chance to see what is out there. This actually gave me a perfect opportunity without kids in tow. Here was Toyota with a number of hybrid vehicles, silkscreen printed totes commemorating the festival, hair braiding, a tea lounge and social media initiative that donated to Off the Mat. They took the social consciousness aspect of those attending the festival and gave them an opportunity to give money to a worthy cause by spending a moment to write on a chalkboard and post a personal commitment, then use social media to tweet or Facebook it using Instagram and the #Toyotagiving hashtag. I was hooked and started car shopping. Although I couldn’t actually test drive the car while there, I could ask questions of someone who worked for Toyota and get needed answers to help narrow the field before stopping by the dealership. This branding experience worked for me, and by looking at the volume of people entering and leaving the tent, I would say it was a success for Toyota.

It may be a while yet before the new car purchase comes to fruition, but with the measurement and lead generation that they captured at the event, they will definitely be able to see if I converted.

I will...

Toyota at Wanderlust

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