Launch of Kula Yoga

Logo for Kula Yoga

Logo designed for Kula Yoga

I have been a long-time yoga practitioner, so when the opportunity arose to work on the opening of a new yoga studio in Minneapolis, I was thrilled. There was much work to be accomplished in a short period of time. The studio needed everything from a social media presence to building signage to a starter website that could provide a schedule, pricing, instructor bios and location information. The timing needed to be fast and the opening would be quick. Similar to other small businesses, it was important to “get the word out” and spread the message that Kula Yoga was open for business. After establishing the concept of “Kula Yoga: Our Community, Our Yoga”, what could we do to announce that the studio was here and classes were starting? Themes for the studio answered the question. First, Kula means community; and second, the studio is designed to be ever-evolving – just like a yoga practice, or a web presence.  This meant starting with an online information destination and social networks.

Along with pertinent information, this website needed to offer flexibility, the ability to easily update content and include those in the yoga community. How could we answer these needs and address technical aspects of the studio’s needs? Pre-packaged tools significantly help small business owners, so we looked for existing solutions with opportunities for customization. For payment of goods or services, this meant incorporating a service such as Square. Since this is a yoga studio, it also meant utilizing a company like Mind Body Online which allows the studio to manage staff, class attendance and product. In conjunction with a payment system and scheduling management program, a need still existed for a site that conveyed the message of the studio. Platforms like WordPress give small business owners a way to communicate within an established environment and incorporate a variety of connections to other social networks, as well as serve as a destination for people coming from other social outlets. It provides ease in sharing information. All of these points were beneficial to the studio launch.

After selecting the variety of web components to fulfill on the overarching studio goals and necessities, we addressed social media. We created a Facebook page, Twitter presence and Pinterest account. Posting has only just begun, but all signs point to the overall network growing steadily.

While much remains in progress, the opening evening class was packed and the studio is off to a successful start! Next up, branded tees. Can’t wait to wear mine.

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