“Broaden Your Horizons”

Horseback Rider at Sunset

Horseback rider at sunset

Recently on Twitter, @Mashable posted a request for readers to submit a photo featuring the horizon. They have started holding weekly photo challenges requesting submissions that meet specific criteria, along with telling a story about the particular criteria. This is a unique look into what their followers are seeing and doing, as well as creating an opportunity for participation. It provides insight into our landscape and culture while gathering groups of people and content that most likely would not otherwise be paired. Here is what they posted:

“If you look at art that predates the 15th century, you’ll notice that most artists didn’t include horizons. Without a vanishing point, the scenes appear flat and, let’s face it, oftentimes boring. At the onset of the Renaissance, artists began realizing the power of perspective and included the horizon as the backbone of their visual art.

The horizon not only grounds us in our present reality, it often represents a distant goal. For this week’s Photo Challenge, we ask you to send us your most inspiring photos of horizons.”

After reading the post, it immediately reminded me of a photo I shot while in Costa Rica; one taken impromptu while on the beach at sunset. This photo of a man on his horse accompanied by a pack of dogs of various breeds/mixes represents a special moment to me, one that fully embodies the culture and the area in which I was staying. This is the photo I chose for submission to @mashablehq and the hashtag #MashPics.

Social media allowed me to share this image with others, many of whom I do not know. It provided Mashable the ability to collect our images under a defined hashtag, and grouped a number of individuals now joined by a common interest. As one of the 20 selected, my photo can be seen in the Mashable gallery, accompanied by 19 others, at http://mashable.com/2012/10/04/photo-challenge-results-horizons/#92315By-Michelle-Millar.

Thank you @Mashable for giving me the opportunity to become a part of your galleries and the story telling phenomena that is permeating our culture today.

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